George & Noriko

Known as the Japanese Blues Cowboy and the Tsugaru shamisen player, George and Noriko have been kicking up a storm wherever they play. His lightning fast blues licks, and growling harmonica enhanced by the percussive sounds of the traditional, fretless three-string shamisen has morphed into a kind of bluegrass hard country blues.

George & Noriko’s banter and easy audience interaction makes them a popular choice with festivals and audiences alike. George is surrounded by a host of pedals, seated and thumping his slide guitar and alternating between vocals and harmonica, with Noriko bending into the sound with her shamisen and sharing vocal duties, they are an arresting sight and their sound is something you haven’t heard before. They prove that the blues is music for everyone, all cultures and ages and are sure to get you toe tapping and dancing!

George and Noriko won the Australian Busking Championships at Mortlake and the Infinite ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Award at The National Folk Festival in Canberra with their version of ‘Sweet Transvestite’!

George Kamikawa & A.YA


New collaboration project
with outstanding Japanese drum(Taiko) & Flute(shinobue) duo

A.YA (エイ、ヤー)~Japanese Instruments and Taiko Explosion. A.YA’s sound is a crossover between modern original compositions and traditional styles with unique Japanese instruments. 

George with his roots music background and A.YA with their powerful  Japanese instruments particularly taiko drums will create a thumping good time! The blend of blues with traditional Japanese rhythm is a very different kind of unique groove!

George Kamikawa jam session with A. YA was such a gorgeous collaboration!!!とても素敵でパワフルな演奏をありがとうございました!いっぱい元気をもらいました😊😊

Posted by Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival on Saturday, February 22, 2020

George and A.YA performed at Federation Square in Melbourne 2020

George and Brother Kazuhiro

George and his older brother Kazuhiro play together when George visits Japan. They have been playing together since they were teenagers. In fact Kazuhiro is the one who first taught George to play guitar! Kazuhiro is not particularly a blues player, more of a rock musician but when he plays with George he is a fantastic blues guitarist!

Jam Sessions

Jam session with legendary Chris Wilson

Jam session with John McNamara on The blues train